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Article Filtering your email
You can use email filters to send messages to certain places depending on their contents. You can...
Views: 1767
Article Email Setup for Android Devices
The following is a step-by-step guide to setup an Email account for your Android Device.Please...
Views: 1752
Article How to change the time zone in webmail
Please go through the following steps to change the time zone setting for your webmail...
Views: 1454
Article How to create an email account using cPanel?
Ans. To create an email account, Login to the cPanel (Control Panel with the Username and...
Views: 3976
Article How to create email autoresponses.
You can use autoresponders to send a message back automatically to anyone who sends an email to a...
Views: 1579
Article How to create signature in webmail
Horde: Create a signature in Horde Webmail by following the steps below: 1. On the icon bar at...
Views: 839
Article How to set Forwarders.
You can use email forwarders to send all email messages that are sent to an account to another...
Views: 1508
Article Invalid maildirsize file.
If you see the error "Invalid maildirsize file" when trying to update your email account...
Views: 2028
Article Is the email service provided by you compatible with Outlook Express?
Ans :- Yes, our email service is completely compatible with Outlook Express. Your email...
Views: 2722
Article Mailing Lists
Mailing lists can be used to send messages frequently to a large amount of people for things such...
Views: 1716
Article What is the size of mail box, and what can be the maximum size of an email attachment?
  Ans. As a user you can create unlimited mail boxes on all of our web hosting plans. These mail...
Views: 1927
Article What webmail package do you provide? And how to access it.
With our Web hosting Service, we provide you with a free webmail package called...
Views: 2944


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